The Children’s Hospital Alumni Western Australia Incorporated (CHAWA) is an independent not-for-profit association set up in 2017 to honour former staff and volunteers of Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH) and including the staff of the original Children’s Hospital, Perth (1909-1949). PMH closed its doors in 2018 and the Alumni aims to preserve the history of the hospital and acknowledge and share the valuable experience, expertise and knowledge of former staff and volunteers.

As Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) has been opened for over one year, staff and volunteers from PCH are more than welcome to join the Alumni.

The Alumni will be providing exciting opportunities for members through networking events and on-going education and a link to the Child and Adolescent Health Service Executive.

The Objects of the Alumni

  1. To provide a forum for past and current members of the original Perth Children’s Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital and currant Perth Children’s Hospital staff and volunteers to meet and socialise in the spirit of our children’s hospital community
  2. To maintain contact with past staff and volunteers and ensure the history and heritage of the children’s hospitals are maintained and updated
  3. To promote and support the establishment of a museum or a memorial to commemorate children’s hospitals of WA
  4. To provide support and raise funds for educational, research, social and other activities

The Alumni Committee

Our Committee is comprised of:

  • President – Anne Bourke
  • Vice President – Jackie Scurlock
  • Secretary – Lorraine Shepherd
  • Treasurer – Brian Austin
  • Esme Bowen
  • Sue Burtenshaw
  • Kay Gregory
  • Julie Leggett
  • Robin Watts
  • Ex-officio members
    • Katie McKenzie Executive Director Nursing Services  – Hospital Executive Sponsor
    • PCH Foundation – TBD